Commit b840e249 authored by Ricardo J. Mendez's avatar Ricardo J. Mendez

Cleaning out unnecessary new lines

Funny how different code looks when you look it with a slightly larger
line spacing. These were giving the wrong idea in some cases.
parent 3dcf1cb5
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......@@ -289,8 +289,6 @@
:reload-data (go (dispatch [:data-load (<! (io/load :data)) (<! (io/load :settings))]))
:delete-url (dispatch [:delete-url data])
(console/error "Nothing matched" message)))
......@@ -114,7 +114,6 @@
;; they can have an effect on behavior.
(io/save :settings settings #(runtime/send-message {:action :reload-data}))
(dispatch [:app-state-item [:ui-state :section] :url-times]))
(assoc app-state :settings settings)))
......@@ -224,8 +223,6 @@
(< age-ms (* 7 ms-day)) "#ff8000"
(< age-ms (* 14 ms-day)) "#cc6600"
:else "#994c00")]
^{:key i}
[:tr {:class "has_on_hover"}
[:td {:class "col-sm-2"}
......@@ -281,7 +278,6 @@
:ellipsis true
:maxButtons 20
:onSelect #(dispatch [:app-state-item [:ui-state :url-page] (dec (aget %2 "eventKey"))])}])
[:div {:class "card"}
[:div {:class "content table-responsive table-full-width"}
[:table {:class "table table-striped table-hover"}
......@@ -409,8 +405,6 @@
:rows 30
:value @import-data
:on-change #(reset! import-data (-> % .-target .-value))}]]
[:div {:class "row"}
[:a {:class "btn btn-primary btn-sm"
:on-click #(dispatch [:data-import @import-data])} "Import"]]])))
......@@ -422,25 +416,19 @@
sound-to-left? (subscribe [:settings :sound-to-left?])
our-ignore (reagent/atom (string/join "\n" (sort @ignore-set)))
our-sound (reagent/atom @sound-to-left?)]
(fn []
[:div {:class "col-sm-12"}
[:div {:class "row"}
[:div {:class "col-sm-12"}
[:h3 "Ignore domains"]]
[:div {:class "col-sm-6"}
[:p "Type below the domains that you want ignore, one per line."]
[:textarea {:class "form-control"
:value @our-ignore
:rows 10
:on-change #(reset! our-ignore (-> % .-target .-value))}]]
[:div {:class "col-sm-6"}
[:p {:class "alert alert-info"} [:strong "Heads up! "] "Adding a domain to the ignore list will remove the data Relevance currently has for it."]]]
[:div {:class "row"}
[:div {:class "col-sm-12"}
[:h3 "Prioritize tabs with sound?"]]
......@@ -452,10 +440,7 @@
:style {:margin-right "4px"}}]
"If selected, tabs with sound will be prioritized, and moved to the left when sorting."]]
[:div {:class "col-sm-6"}]]
[:div {:class "row"}
[:div {:class "col-sm-12"}
[:a {:class "btn btn-danger btn-sm"
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