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3. Getting started 3. Getting started
1. Opening a stream 1. Opening a stream
2. Using the toolbar 2. Using the toolbar
1. Snapshot tool
2. Record tool
3. Affine transformation tools
4. Mirror tools
5. Blur tool
6. Colour tools
7. Paintbrush tool
8. Edge detection tool
4. Contact 4. Contact
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## 1. Introduction
Some people enjoy the feeling of compressing their corneas against the cool eyepieces of their brand-new microscope in order to get a glimpse of the fascinating microscopic world inhabiting their slides. I am not one of those people. I much prefer to plug the in-built webcam of my microscope into my computer and see a live image on screen. There are a myriad of reasons why this is much nicer than staring down those binocular eye-pieces like some mad explorer on microbiological safari. For instance: the ability to take screen shots of precious micron-scale memories, adapting image brightness and contrast on the fly and in some cases using the power of your computer for image analysis!
Unfortunately for me, my new microscope came with computer viewing software on a CD (how perverse in this day and age ...) that was only suitable for a Windows PC. Unaware of any other microscope viewing software available for linux, I proceeded to develop Pycroscope; microscope image viewing software written exclusivly in Python (Py-croscope ... get it?). While the software is relatively bare-bones in the current version (v0.1), I hope to expand the software in future versions making full use of the wonderful opencv library on which it is based.
## 2. Installation
Currently no explicit installation routine exists. Simple clone the repository, make sure you have python3 installed on your computer, install the required packages if you don't have them already (Tkinter, Pillow, Numpy, Opencv)and you should be good to go.
## 3. Getting Started
Learn it yourself, jeez do I have to do everything!?
## 4. Contact
You can contact me through email at
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