Commit 8651e095 authored by Nick Busey's avatar Nick Busey

#27 Fixing 'make setup' command

parent 939099fa
Pipeline #24268340 (#45) passed with stages
in 27 seconds
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ deploy:
cat homelaboslogo.txt
ansible-playbook -i setup_hosts setup.yml
ansible-playbook -i hosts homelabos.yml
# Update just HomelabOS Services (skipping slow initial setup steps)
- name: Save `host_vars/myserver` config file.
delegate_to: localhost
template: src='myserver' dest='{{ playbook_dir }}/host_vars/myserver'
- hosts: all
remote_user: root
gather_facts: False
- hosts:
connection: local
- name: homelab_ip
prompt: "What is the local IP of your server that you can SSH to?"
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