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......@@ -22,7 +22,17 @@ If you're up and running, but getting a 404, load [http://YOURSERVERIP:8181/]. T
Each service under the `Frontends` column has a section `Route Rule - Host:`. The hostname after `Host:` is the
hostname that Traefik is listening to for that particular service. You need to be able to `ping` that hostname
from your computer, and you should get back the IP address of your server. Once that is the case, accessing the
hostname in a browser will load the respective service.
hostname in a browser should load the respective service.
### No Traefik Dashboard
If you can't even access the dashboard listed above at :8181, check the status of the HomelabOS service with
`systemctl status homelabos`. This should give you some insight into what the issue is. Also you should be able
to run `docker ps | grep traefik` and get an output like:
8f00f6b3cdb6 traefik "/traefik" 13 hours ago Up 13 hours>80/tcp,>443/tcp,>8080/tcp homelabos_traefik_1
### SSL Not working
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