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Merge branch 'dev'

* dev:
  Makefile tweak
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......@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@ config:
# If config.yml does not exist, populate it with a 'blank'
# yml file so the first attempt at parsing it succeeds
@echo "\x1B[01;93m========== Updating configuration files ==========\n\x1B[0m"
@mkdir -p settings
@[ -f settings/config.yml ] || cp config.yml.blank settings/config.yml
@./ ansible-playbook --extra-vars="@settings/config.yml" -i config_inventory playbook.config.yml > /dev/null
@./ ansible-playbook --extra-vars="@settings/config.yml" -i config_inventory playbook.config.yml
@echo "\x1B[01;93m========== Done with configuration ==========\n\x1B[0m"
# Display the HomelabOS logo and MOTD
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