Commit eeb54e38 authored by jayherron's avatar jayherron

Started looking at how to reference existing preferences.

parent bc8c0998
package org.jayherron.trioeditor.editors;
import org.eclipse.ui.editors.text.TextEditor;
public class TrioEditor extends TextEditor {
private ColorManager colorManager;
public TrioEditor() {
// TODO How can I set spaces for tabs
//this.EDITOR_SPACES_FOR_TABS = AbstractDecoratedTextEditorPreferenceConstants.EDITOR_SPACES_FOR_TABS;
//this.EDITOR_TAB_WIDTH = AbstractDecoratedTextEditorPreferenceConstants.EDITOR_TAB_WIDTH;
colorManager = new ColorManager();
setSourceViewerConfiguration(new TrioConfiguration(colorManager));
setDocumentProvider(new TrioDocumentProvider());
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