This is a minor release that improves renter performance and adds "defrag" behavior to the wallet. Previously, we have had issues with the wallet accumulating too many small outputs and thus being unable to fund large transactions. This isn't an issue for most users, but it can affect high-volume wallets, notably exchanges. The new wallet will regularly consolidate small outputs into one larger output.

Thanks to the new renter algorithm designed by @DavidVorick, we are seeing upload/download speeds that saturate most residential connections! This is a huge improvement over the previous algorithm. However, memory usage may be substantially higher than before. We are working to reduce memory usage in the next release without compromising speed.

As before, you should be able to upgrade to v1.1.0 by running siac update. If something goes wrong, you can always update manually -- but please file a bug report or get in touch on our Slack.

Thanks as always to our contributors, users, and fans, and a special shout-out to @BitcoinErrorLog who submitted a PR to this release!