This is a patch release that addresses some minor bugs in the v1.0.0 release:

  • Restricted API address to localhost
  • Fixed renter/host desynchronization
  • Fixed host silently refusing new contracts

You should be able to upgrade to this release by running siac update. If not, it's probably my fault and it'll be fixed in the next release. 😬 Of course, if siac update fails, you can always upgrade manually in the usual way. If your siac binary is not in the same directory as your siad binary, it will not be upgraded (and you will see a warning), but siad will be updated.

As a reminder, all release binaries are now signed. You can manually verify the signatures with the command:

openssl dgst -sha256 -verify sia.pem -signature siad.sig siad

You can find our public key here. Save it as sia.pem for the above command to work.