Today we are releasing version 1.0 of Sia.

In accordance with SemVer, v1.0.0 will be our first stable release. Practically speaking, what this means is that the siad API will maintain backwards compatibility until v2.0.0. We will continue to add new routes and fields to the API, but we will not remove or modify existing routes or fields. Note that this "compatibility promise" does not extend to data stored on disk (such as the blockchain), but we intend to make future updates compatible with these files.

v1.0.0 (re)introduces automatic updates. When we release a new version, you may automatically update your siad and siac binaries by running siac update (although you should run siac update check first). All releases will be signed with the Sia developer key. In addition, all release tags will be signed by a core developer.

A big thanks to everyone who reported issues and submitted pull requests -- especially @David60, who has reported several important issues and suggested possible fixes for them. Thanks David!

Going forward, we hope to see more people contributing to the development of Sia. If you are interested in contributing, check out our new guide, written by @mnsl.