Commit bfc436f2 authored by David Vorick's avatar David Vorick

add a fix for make cover - modules testing now has its own directory

parent 8a7a0ffd
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ test-long: clean fmt
# have been hit during testing and how many times each line has been hit.
coverpackages = consensus crypto encoding hash modules/hostdb network siad
cover: clean
@mkdir -p cover
@mkdir -p cover/modules
@for package in $(coverpackages); do \
go test -a -v -tags=test -covermode=atomic -coverprofile=cover/$$package.out ./$$package ; \
go tool cover -html=cover/$$package.out -o=cover/$$package.html ; \
......@@ -453,3 +453,7 @@ func TestRepeatBlock(t *testing.T) {
// out algebraically and make sure that earliest timestamp follows the rules
// layed out by the protocol. This should be done after we decide that the
// algorithm for calculating the earliest allowed timestamp is sufficient.
// TODO: Probe the difficulty adjustments, make sure that they are happening
// according to specification, moving as much as they should and that the
// clamps are being effective.
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