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add documentation to makefile

parent 0759e058
# all will build and install developer binaries, which have debugging enabled
# and much faster mining and block constants.
all: install
# fmt calls go fmt on all packages.
go fmt ./...
# install builds and installs developer binaries.
install: fmt
go install -a -tags=dev ./...
# clean removes all directories that get automatically created during
# development.
rm -rf hostdir release whitepaper.aux whitepaper.log whitepaper.pdf \
sia.wallet sia/test.wallet sia/hostdir* sia/renterDownload cover
# test runs the short tests for Sia, and aims to always take less than 2
# seconds.
# Touching a file in the consensus folder forces the build tag files to be
# rebuilt. This can also be achieved with 'go test -a', however using the '-a'
# flag results in a multi-second compile time, which is undesirable. Leaving
# out both the touch and the '-a' means that sometimes the tests will be run
# using the developer constants, which is very, very slow.
# using the developer constants, which is very slow.
test: clean fmt
@touch consensus/blocknode.go
go test -short -tags=test ./...
# test-long does a forced rebuild of all packages, and then runs both the
# short and long tests with the race libraries enabled. test-long aims to be
# thorough.
test-long: clean fmt
go test -a -v -race -short -tags=test ./...
go test -a -v -race -tags=test ./...
# cover runs the long tests and creats html files that show you which lines
# have been hit during testing and how many times each line has been hit.
coverpackages = consensus crypto encoding hash network siad
cover: clean
@mkdir -p cover
......@@ -33,11 +46,14 @@ cover: clean
rm cover/$$package.out ; \
# run twice to ensure references are updated properly
# whitepaper builds the whitepaper from whitepaper.tex. pdflatex has to be
# called twice because references will not update correctly the first time.
@pdflatex whitepaper.tex > /dev/null
pdflatex whitepaper.tex
# dependencies installs all of the dependencies that are required for building
# Sia.
go install -race std
go get -u
......@@ -50,9 +66,11 @@ dependencies:
go get -u
go get -u
# release builds and installs release binaries.
release: dependencies test-long
go install -a ./...
# xc builds and packages release binaries for all systems by using goxc.
# Cross Compile - makes binaries for windows, linux, and mac, 32 and 64 bit.
xc: dependencies test-long
goxc -arch="amd64" -bc="linux windows darwin" -d=release -pv=0.2.0 \
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