Commit a87051bd authored by Christopher Schinnerl's avatar Christopher Schinnerl

fix deadlock

parent f9217d7a
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......@@ -363,10 +363,7 @@ func (sfs *SiaFileSet) Exists(siaPath modules.SiaPath) bool {
// fileInfo takes the maps returned by renter.managedContractUtilityMaps for
// many files at once.
func (sfs *SiaFileSet) FileInfo(siaPath modules.SiaPath, offline map[string]bool, goodForRenew map[string]bool, contracts map[string]modules.RenterContract) (modules.FileInfo, error) {
entry, err :=
entry, err := sfs.Open(siaPath)
if err != nil {
return modules.FileInfo{}, err
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