Commit 9efb7591 authored by Christopher Schinnerl's avatar Christopher Schinnerl

update makefile and gitlab ci

parent ecf83720
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......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ integration-tests-nightly:
- $CI_PROJECT_DIR/cover/cover.out
when: always
- make test-vlong run=. pkgs="./siatest ./siatest/consensus ./siatest/renter ./siatest/wallet"
- make test-vlong run=. pkgs="./siatest ./siatest/consensus ./siatest/gateway ./siatest/renter ./siatest/wallet"
- cp -R /tmp/SiaTesting $CI_PROJECT_DIR/SiaTesting
- cp -R ./cover $CI_PROJECT_DIR/cover
......@@ -46,8 +46,8 @@ run = .
pkgs = ./build ./cmd/siac ./cmd/siad ./compatibility ./crypto ./encoding ./modules ./modules/consensus ./modules/explorer \
./modules/gateway ./modules/host ./modules/host/contractmanager ./modules/renter ./modules/renter/contractor \
./modules/renter/hostdb ./modules/renter/hostdb/hosttree ./modules/renter/proto ./modules/miner ./modules/wallet \
./modules/transactionpool ./node ./node/api ./persist ./siatest ./siatest/consensus ./siatest/renter \
./siatest/wallet ./node/api/server ./sync ./types
./modules/transactionpool ./node ./node/api ./persist ./siatest ./siatest/consensus ./siatest/gateway \
./siatest/renter ./siatest/wallet ./node/api/server ./sync ./types
# fmt calls go fmt on all packages.
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