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......@@ -2107,6 +2107,35 @@ Fetches the list of addresses from the wallet. If the wallet has not been create
Array of wallet addresses owned by the wallet.
## /wallet/seedaddrs [GET]
Fetches addresses generated by the wallet in reverse order. The last address
generated by the wallet will be the first returned. This also means that
addresses which weren't generated using the wallet's seed can't be retrieved
with this endpoint.
### Query String Parameters
Number of addresses that should be returned. If count is not specified or if
count is bigger than the number of addresses generated by the wallet, all
addresses will be returned.
### JSON Response
> JSON Response Example
"addresses": [
Array of wallet addresses previously generated by the wallet.
## /wallet/backup [GET]
Creates a backup of the wallet settings file. Though this can easily be done manually, the settings file is often in an unknown or difficult to find location. The /wallet/backup call can spare users the trouble of needing to find their wallet file.
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