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Merge branch 'txid' into 'master'

TransactionId -> TransactionID

See merge request !3365
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......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ type (
RiskedCollateral types.Currency `json:"riskedcollateral"`
SectorRootsCount uint64 `json:"sectorrootscount"`
TransactionFeesAdded types.Currency `json:"transactionfeesadded"`
TransactionId types.TransactionID `json:"transactionid"`
TransactionID types.TransactionID `json:"transactionid"`
// The negotiation height specifies the block height at which the file
// contract was negotiated. The expiration height and the proof deadline
......@@ -296,7 +296,9 @@ func (so storageObligation) proofDeadline() types.BlockHeight {
return so.OriginTransactionSet[len(so.OriginTransactionSet)-1].FileContracts[0].WindowEnd
func (so storageObligation) transactionId() types.TransactionID {
// transactionID returns the ID of the transaction containing the file
// contract.
func (so storageObligation) transactionID() types.TransactionID {
return so.OriginTransactionSet[len(so.OriginTransactionSet)-1].ID()
......@@ -582,27 +584,22 @@ func (h *Host) modifyStorageObligation(so storageObligation, sectorsRemoved []cr
// As these stale storage obligations have an impact on the host financial metrics,
// this method updates the host financial metrics to show the correct values.
func (h *Host) PruneStaleStorageObligations() error {
// Get meta info about storage obligations from the database.
// Filter the stale obligations from the set of all obligations.
sos := h.StorageObligations()
// Create a slice with the obligation id's of stale storage obligations.
// Stale obligations are obligations that are not confirmed and will not be confirmed.
soids := []types.FileContractID{}
var stale []types.FileContractID
for _, so := range sos {
conf, err := h.tpool.TransactionConfirmed(so.TransactionId)
conf, err := h.tpool.TransactionConfirmed(so.TransactionID)
if err != nil {
return build.ExtendErr("unable to get transaction id:", err)
return build.ExtendErr("unable to get transaction ID:", err)
// Check if the obligation is confirmed or if the obligation is at max RespendTimout blocks old.
if conf || (h.blockHeight <= so.NegotiationHeight+wallet.RespendTimeout) {
// An obligation is considered stale if it has not been confirmed
// within RespendTimeout blocks after negotiation.
if (h.blockHeight > so.NegotiationHeight+wallet.RespendTimeout) && !conf {
stale = append(stale, so.ObligationId)
// If the obligation is not confirmend and the obligation is older than RespendTimeout,
// the obligation is added to the slice with stale obligations.
soids = append(soids, so.ObligationId)
// Delete stale obligations from the database.
err := h.deleteStorageObligations(soids)
err := h.deleteStorageObligations(stale)
if err != nil {
return build.ExtendErr("unable to delete stale storage ids:", err)
......@@ -1057,7 +1054,7 @@ func (h *Host) StorageObligations() (sos []modules.StorageObligation) {
RiskedCollateral: so.RiskedCollateral,
SectorRootsCount: uint64(len(so.SectorRoots)),
TransactionFeesAdded: so.TransactionFeesAdded,
TransactionId: so.transactionId(),
TransactionID: so.transactionID(),
ExpirationHeight: so.expiration(),
NegotiationHeight: so.NegotiationHeight,
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