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bump version to v1.0.0

parent 2955b527
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ release-std:
# Cross Compile - makes binaries for windows, linux, and mac, 32 and 64 bit.
xc: dependencies test test-long
goxc -arch="386 amd64 arm" -bc="darwin linux windows" -d=release \
-pv=v0.6.0 -br=beta -include=LICENSE,,doc/ \
-pv=v1.0.0 -br=rc -include=LICENSE,,doc/ \
-tasks-=archive,rmbin,deb,deb-dev,deb-source,go-test -n=Sia
# clean removes all directories that get automatically created during
Sia 0.6.0
Sia 1.0.0
[![Build Status](](
......@@ -111,29 +111,17 @@ If your issue is not addressed above, you can get in touch with us personally:
Version Information
- The renter and host modules have been significantly changed in v0.6.0.
The renter now forms long-term file contracts instead of making a new
contract for each file. This requires the introduction of "allowances,"
which are used to specify how much money the renter should spend on
contracts. Before you can upload files, you must first specify an
allowance. The renter will then form contracts according to the allowance,
which are used to store the uploaded files.
- The host now supports multiple storage folders. Each folder can be configured
with a maximum size. If you remove a storage folder, its data will be
redistributed to the other folders. You should always remove the storage
folder via the API before deleting its contents on your filesystem. The host
cannot store any data until you specify at least one storage folder.
Hosts can also delete individual sectors (identified via Merkle root) in
order to comply with take-down requests.
- v0.6.0 introduces some changes that are incompatible with previous versions.
For example, host announcements now include a public key, and are signed with
that key. This allows hosts to reannounce later with a different IP address.
The renter-host communication protocols have also changed significantly. For
these reasons, we recommend that you reupload data stored on v0.5.0 to v0.6.0
hosts. Apologies for the inconvenience.
- v1.0.0 represents a landmark in the development of Sia. In accordance with
semver, API compatibility will not be broken until v2.0.0, which is not on
the current development roadmap. In other words, developers should feel
confident leveraging the siad API in their own applications. When new
functionality is added, it will be added in a backwards-compatible manner.
For example, new routes may be added, and new parameters may be added to
existing routes or responses. But none of the routes present in v1.0.0 will
be removed, nor will any of their parameters or response fields be removed.
- siad now supports API authentication, enabled by the `--authenticate-api`
Please tell us about any problems you run into, and any features you want! The
advantage of being a beta user is that your feedback will have a large impact
......@@ -142,6 +130,13 @@ on what we do in the next few months. Thank you!
Version History
June 2016:
v1.0.0 (major release)
- Finalized API routes
- Add optional API authentication
- Improve automatic contract management
May 2016:
v0.6.0 (minor release)
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