Commit 5ec81723 authored by David Vorick's avatar David Vorick

add sanity check for historic interaction updates

parent 6cea490f
......@@ -15,11 +15,13 @@ import (
// interactions from 10 blocks ago and then apply the decay of 9 more blocks in
// which the recent interactions have been 0
func updateHostHistoricInteractions(host *modules.HostDBEntry, bh types.BlockHeight) {
passedTime := bh - host.LastHistoricUpdate
if passedTime == 0 {
// no time passed. nothing to do.
// Check that the last historic update was not in the future.
if host.LastHistoricUpdate >= bh {
// The hostdb may be performing a rescan, or maybe no time has passed
// since the last update, so there is nothing to do.
passedTime := bh - host.LastHistoricUpdate
// tmp float64 values for more accurate decay
hsi := float64(host.HistoricSuccessfulInteractions)
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