remove ScanAddress

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......@@ -1017,22 +1017,16 @@ func (uh *UnlockHash) Scan(s fmt.ScanState, ch rune) error {
return uh.LoadString(string(tok))
// ScanAddress scans a types.UnlockHash from a string.
func ScanAddress(addrStr string) (addr UnlockHash, err error) {
err = addr.LoadString(addrStr)
if err != nil {
return UnlockHash{}, err
return addr, nil
// UnlockHashFromString convert string address to UnlockHash
// WARNING: You should never call that function on untrusted input
// UnlockHashFromString parses an address string to an UnlockHash, panicking
// if parsing fails.
// UnlockHashFromString should never be called on untrusted input; it is
// provided only for convenience when working with address strings that are
// known to be valid, such as the addresses in GenesisSiafundAllocation. To
// parse untrusted address strings, use the LoadString method of UnlockHash.
func UnlockHashFromString(addrStr string) (addr UnlockHash) {
var err error
err = addr.LoadString(addrStr)
if err != nil {
return UnlockHash{}
if err := addr.LoadString(addrStr); err != nil {
return addr
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