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Version History
January 2017:
v1.1.0 (minor release)
- Greatly improved upload/download speeds
- Wallet now regularly "defragments"
- Better contract metrics
December 2016:
v1.0.4 (LTS release)
October 2016:
v1.0.3 (patch release)
- Greatly improved renter stability
- Smarter HostDB
- Numerous minor bug fixes
July 2016:
v1.0.1 (patch release)
- Restricted API address to localhost
- Fixed renter/host desynchronization
- Fixed host silently refusing new contracts
June 2016:
v1.0.0 (major release)
- Finalized API routes
- Add optional API authentication
- Improve automatic contract management
May 2016:
v0.6.0 (minor release)
- Switched to long-form renter contracts
- Added support for multiple hosting folders
- Hosts are now identified by their public key
January 2016:
v0.5.2 (patch release)
- Faster initial blockchain download
- Introduced headers-only broadcasting
v0.5.1 (patch release)
- Fixed bug severely impacting performance
- Restored (but deprecated) some siac commands
- Added modules flag, allowing modules to be disabled
v0.5.0 (minor release)
- Major API changes to most modules
- Automatic contract renewal
- Data on inactive hosts is reuploaded
- Support for folder structure
- Smarter host
October 2015:
v0.4.8 (patch release)
- Restored compatibility with v0.4.6
v0.4.7 (patch release)
- Dropped support for v0.3.3.x
v0.4.6 (patch release)
- Removed over-aggressive consistency check
v0.4.5 (patch release)
- Fixed last prominent bug in block database
- Closed some dangling resource handles
v0.4.4 (patch release)
- Uploading is much more reliable
- Price estimations are more accurate
- Bumped filesize limit to 20 GB
v0.4.3 (patch release)
- Block database is now faster and more stable
- Wallet no longer freezes when unlocked during IBD
- Optimized block encoding/decoding
September 2015:
v0.4.2 (patch release)
- HostDB is now smarter
- Tweaked renter contract creation
v0.4.1 (patch release)
- Added support for loading v0.3.3.x wallets
- Better pruning of dead nodes
- Improve database consistency
August 2015:
v0.4.0: Second stable currency release.
- Wallets are encrypted and generated from seed phrases
- Files are erasure-coded and transferred in parallel
- The blockchain is now fully on-disk
- Added UPnP support
June 2015:
v0.3.3.3 (patch release)
- Host announcements can be "forced"
- Wallets can be merged
- Unresponsive addresses are pruned from the node list
v0.3.3.2 (patch release)
- Siafunds can be loaded and sent
- Added block explorer
- Patched two critical security vulnerabilities
v0.3.3.1 (hotfix)
- Mining API sends headers instead of entire blocks
- Slashed default hosting price
v0.3.3: First stable currency release.
- Set release target
- Added progress bars to uploads
- Rigorous testing of consensus code
May 2015:
v0.3.2: Fourth open beta release.
- Switched encryption from block cipher to stream cipher
- Updates are now signed
- Added API calls to support external miners
v0.3.1: Third open beta release.
- Blocks are now stored on-disk in a database
- Files can be shared via .sia files or ASCII-encoded data
- RPCs are now multiplexed over one physical connection
March 2015:
v0.3.0: Second open beta release.
Jan 2015:
v0.2.0: First open beta release.
Dec 2014:
v0.1.0: Closed beta release.
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