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  • siag-v1.0.1

    The only change from the previous siag release is that siag addresses are all now displayed with checksums.

  • v0.3.3.2-beta   v0.3.3.2-beta

    This will be the last incremental release before our next major version, v0.4.0. The biggest change is that siafund loading and sending is now supported. Please be very careful when sending siafunds! Another minor change is that addresses now use a checksum to prevent typos and other errors that might result in lost coins. siac also supports units now, so you can send 10SC instead of counting out 25 zeros.

    As always, thanks for being a beta tester. We're excited to implement some much-awaited features in v0.4.0, which should be out within 4-6 weeks.

  • v0.3.3.1-beta
    f6cdf0bf · rename Sia_CLI -> Sia ·

    This is a minor release that addresses feedback received on the previous release (v0.3.3). The most important changes are:

    • The mining API no longer transmits the entire block, just the header. This reduces the I/O strain on the miner and should resolve most of the stability issues that plagued the first version of the GPU Miner.
    • The default storage price has been considerably reduced, from 3000 SC/GB/week to 100 SC/GB/week. We want to encourage more file storage; that is, after all, what Sia was designed for.
  • v0.3.3   v0.3.3
    ef5a609c · set release target ·

    This is the first "fullnet" release of Sia.

  • v0.3.2   v0.3.2
    5350bd8f · fix spaceRemaining bug ·

    One more minor release before launch.

    The biggest feature here is properly-buffered encryption. Previously we were storing the entire file in memory during encryption, which is simply not viable for files larger than a few GB. We now use a stream cipher to simultaneously encrypt+upload, and conversely download+decrypt, without ever keeping the entire file (or even more than a few KB) in memory at any one time.

    Updates are now properly signed and verified with a developer keypair. Going forward, all updates (after this one) will be signed.

    Finally, the peer networking algorithms have been tweaked a bit, to ensure that our bootstrap nodes are always connectible.

    Full release notes can be found in the README included in the release. Thanks again for being a beta-tester!

  • v0.3.1   v0.3.1

    Although this is a minor release, it contains some big features:

    • Persistence. Sia is now fully persistent; no more redownloading the blockchain when you reload. Your blockchain, wallet, and peer info will be automatically loaded from disk on startup.
    • File sharing: You can now share files stored on Sia with your friends! File retrieval metadata can be saved to a .sia file or encoded as a (very long) ASCII string for even easier sharing.
    • Limited NAT traversal: Previously, everyone on the network had to forward their ports. This is no longer necessary; a connection only requires one peer to have forwarded ports. This comes with two caveats though: you still won't be able to connect to a peer if you're both behind NAT, and you still must forward your ports if you want to be a host.
    • As always, we have continued to improve test coverage and general stability.

    Note that v0.3.1 is not compatible with v0.3.0. Our bootstrap node has been updated to v0.3.1, so you will have to update as well in order to connect it. You can update by downloading the binaries below.

    Full release notes can be found in the README included in the release. Thanks again for being a beta-tester!

  • siag-v1.0

    The Sia Address Generator can be used to generate keys for multisig Sia addresses.

  • v0.3.0

    After nearly 700 commits over the last two months, the second public beta release of Sia is now available. Binaries for Windows, OS X, and Linux (all 64-bit) can be found below, or on our website. (If you are running an older version, you can also update by running siac update, but for security reasons we do not yet recommend this.)

    Our main priority for this release was improving the robustness of the software. We improved persistence across sessions, refactored the module design, and substantially increased our test coverage. There aren't many new features in this release, but we're confident that we now have a solid base to stand on. Our next release will focus on implementing core functionality in anticipation of the release of our currency in early April.

    The biggest user-facing improvement was to our UI, which has been separated into its own repo, Sia-UI, overseen by our fantastic Winter intern, @seveibar. Sia-UI is no longer a web frontend for siad, but a standalone application built on atom-shell.

    Some old limitations still apply: UPnP is not yet supported, so you'll have to forward your ports manually. See www.portforward.com for an easy guide. (By default, siad uses port 9988.) You may also have trouble uploading files larger than 300 MB, because this is the host's default maximum filesize. However, this setting can easily be modified by the host.

    We will be running a bootstrap node, which siad should automatically connect and synchronize to. If you are unable to connect to the bootstrap node, please let us know!

    Full release notes can be found in the README included in the release. Thanks again for being a beta-tester!

  • v0.2.0   First open beta release
    fd18787f · siac hotfix ·