This is a patch release that focuses on stability and performance. @DavidVorick and @ChrisSchinnerl reworked the upload and download algorithms in the renter, and also added configurable ratelimiting so that Sia doesn't eat all of your bandwidth. @lukechampine fixed a long-standing bug in the host that caused it to perform needless I/O when idle. We added a new endpoint for checking if a transaction was confirmed. And as always, we fixed many more minor bugs and inefficiencies.

We also had a concerted effort, beginning with #2746, to get all of Sia's package passing golint. @mharkus, @tbenz9, @mikkeljuhl, and @mjmay08 all contributed PRs to steadily improve coverage. Once #2786 is merged, we will have achieved this goal! Thanks to @tbenz9 for organizing this effort. @tbenz9 also contributed an interesting PR (#2833) that includes the git commit hash in binaries built with the Makefile. This makes it possible to identify exactly what code is running, which is super helpful for debugging.

Thanks as always to everyone else who contributed to this release: @mtlynch, @glendc, @pachisi456, @nielscastien, @idanakav, and @jfcg.