This is a patch release that improves the stability and performance of the renter, in addition to many other minor bug fixes and miscellaneous tweaks. Our goal for this release was to make Sia viable for real-world use, even if only on a small scale. Only time will tell if we achieved that goal, but we are optimistic.

Much of the work that went into this release was aided by our new testing framework, the Ant Farm.

Our next targeted release is v1.1.0, which will introduce some long-awaited features (such as instant wallet unlocking) as well as considerable performance upgrades for the renter and host.

You should be able to upgrade to v1.0.3 by running siac update. If something goes wrong, you can always update manually -- but please file a bug report or get in touch on our Slack.

Thanks as always to our contributors, users, and fans!