1. 01 Feb, 2016 5 commits
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      clean up types/currency.go · 1f0440a4
      David Vorick authored
      switch from DEBUG wrapped panics to calls to build.Critical. Also add
      some docstrings, and make the tests compatible with the calls to
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      add linting for the modules package · 9ead966c
      David Vorick authored
      The makefile code needed to be changed as well to support multi-package
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      replace host.maxContractLen with modules.MaxfileContractSetLen · d0d84850
      David Vorick authored
      host.maxContractLen was a misleading constant, it was not the file
      contract that was being checked for a size but the transaction set that
      contains all of the unconfirmed dependencies of the file contract.
      Because the constant was relevant to both the renter and the host, it
      made sense to move the constant to the modules package.
      The constant is currently based off of the TransactionSetSizeLimit. As
      scalability improves on the network, it might make sense to reduce this
      number substantially. While there is a weak connection between the two,
      there is no inherent reason that the host should be limiting incoming
      transactions based on the TransactionSetSizeLimit (other than having it
      as an upper bound), and therefore a separate constant is used. An extra
      buffer of 1kb is allowed because the transaction set is going to be
      expanded during negotiation when details are added and the signatures
      are added.
      A sanity check has also been added, because it will never make sense for
      the MaxFileContractSetLen to be larger than the transaction pool limit.
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      Merge pull request #923 from NebulousLabs/hostdb · 29cee46e
      David Vorick authored
      HostDB mocking
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      decrementReliability should panic · 328e1acc
      Luke Champine authored
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