fixup previous commit

parent b736f4a7
......@@ -20,12 +20,12 @@ m=10
if [[ ${enable_colors} == True ]]; then
{esepacolor}=$(echo ${sepacolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
{edatecolor}=$(echo ${datecolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
{etimecolor}=$(echo ${timecolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
{efontcolor}=$(echo ${fontcolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
{epscolor}=$(echo ${pscolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
{ewdircolor}=$(echo ${wdircolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
esepacolor=$(echo ${sepacolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
edatecolor=$(echo ${datecolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
etimecolor=$(echo ${timecolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
efontcolor=$(echo ${fontcolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
epscolor=$(echo ${pscolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
ewdircolor=$(echo ${wdircolor} | sed -e 's/\\\[//g' -e 's/\\\]//g')
function pre_prompt {
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