fix configure help-message

parent 9caabbf2
......@@ -107,8 +107,8 @@ help_message () {
\n${ORANGE}--maintainer${WHITE} |${GREEN} Enter Maintainer Mode (disables checks)\
\n${ORANGE}--prefix=${WHITE} |${GREEN} Change Installation Prefix (default: /usr)\
\n${ORANGE}--quiet${WHITE} |${GREEN} Only display warnings, failures and results\
\n${ORANGE}--dirinfo-disable${WHITE} |${GREEN} Disable Dirinfo Wrappers (default for releases)\
\n${ORANGE}--dirinfo-enable${WHITE} |${GREEN} Enable Dirinfo Wrappers (default for GIT)" | column -t
\n${ORANGE}--dirinfo-disable${WHITE} |${GREEN} Disable Dirinfo Wrappers (default)\
\n${ORANGE}--dirinfo-enable${WHITE} |${GREEN} Enable Dirinfo Wrappers (RTFM first!)" | column -t
echo ""
tput sgr0
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