fixed bug #201

parent d8e5b181
......@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@ if no user ini exists
including BashStyle-NG and Bash Programmable Completion.
@item #200 (dd_opts): ensure setting DD_OPTS is properly done.
@item #201 (ls_colors): setting Tar/XZ color from UI didn't work.
@end itemize
@item Configuration File Changes
......@@ -260,6 +260,7 @@ class BashStyleNG(object):
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_tar", "LSColors", "tar", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_targz", "LSColors", "targz", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_tarbz2", "LSColors", "tarbz2", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_tarxz", "LSColors", "tarxz", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_zip", "LSColors", "zip", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_rar", "LSColors", "rar", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
WidgetHandler.InitWidget("ls_link", "LSColors", "link", "combo", dicts.ls_colors)
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