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......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ In ~/.bashrc or ~/.bashstyle.custom you can define as many as desired in
@cindex Advanced Options
@node Shell Options, GIT Options, Advanced Options, Top
@chapter Shell Options
@include userdoc_shopts.texi
@cindex Shell Options
@node GIT Options, Readline Options, Shell Options, Top
@c -*- texinfo -*-
@chapter Shell Options
In this category you'll find various Bash builtin options (shopts) that alter
how Bash behaves in different cases.
@heading Bash 3.x
@defvr {Setting} histappend
When saving the Bash history to $HISTFILE upon Bash exit, the new history
entries will be appended to the existing file rather than overwriting it.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} cdspell
This corrects minor errors in the spelling of a directory component in a
@code{cd} command. The errors checked for are transposed characters, a missing
character, and one character too many.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} cdable vars
An argument to the cd builtin command that is not a directory is assumed to be
the name of a variable whose value is the directory to change to.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} checkhash
Lets Bash check that a command found in the hash table exists before trying to
execute it. If a hashed command no longer exists, a normal path search is
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} cmdhist
When saving History entries try to store multi-line commands in one line.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} force fignore
Ignore all files from completion whichs suffixes are defined in $FIGNORE
environment variable. This is enabled by default.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} histreedit
The user is given the opportunity to re-edit a failed history substitution.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} no empty cmd completion
When attempting completion on and empty command line, no completion based on the
$PATH variable is done.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} dotglob
When attempting file- or pathname completion include hidden matches (with leading
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} extglob
Enable extended pattern matching features.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} nocaseglob
When set file- or pathname expansion is done case insensitive.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} nocasematch
When set pattern matching in @code{case} or @code{[[} conditional commands is
done case insensitive.
@end defvr
@heading Bash 4.x
@defvr {Setting} autocd
When the given command is the name of a directory @code{cd} into it, instead
of executing a command of the same name.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} dirspell
When set bash tries to correct minor spelling mistakes on directory names.
For example @code{cd /hoem/} will successfully result in @code{cd /home/}.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} globstar
When set the @code{**} glob will match all files, directories and subdirectories,
the @code{**/} glob will match all directories and subdirectories, but no files.
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} checkjobs
Before exiting bash show the status of currently running background jobs. If there
are any, the exit is delayed until a second attempt to prevent accidently killing
running jobs.
@end defvr
@heading Bash 4.3
@defvr {Setting} direxpand
When set bash tries to expand pathnames from variables upon [TAB].
@end defvr
@defvr {Setting} glob ascii ranges
When set range expressions for patterng matching behave like in the @code{C}
@end defvr
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