README: document extra configuration files and shell prompt hooks

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......@@ -71,6 +71,37 @@ BashStyle-NG
full filename, similar to basename), randomfile (perform action on a
random file, also has history, multiple executions support and more)
- and several more (see /usr/share/bashstyle-ng/rc/functions/ for all)
While BashStyle-NG is able to auto-generate the configuration files based
on your choices in the UI, you might want to do manual additions aswell.
Thus BashStyle-NG supports loading additional configuration files:
- ${HOME}/.inputrc.custom: custom non-managed readline settings
- ${HOME}/.vimrc.custom: custom non-managed vim settings
- ${HOME}/.bashstyle.custom: custom non-managed bash settings,
always loaded after BashStyle-NG start
so variables and functions provided by
BashStyle-NG can reliably be used
Style Hooks:
Some of the provided prompt styles allow be hooked into, so that some parts
of them can be customized. Those hooks consist of a color variable and a hook
function and should reside in ${HOME}/.bashstyle.custom. The following hooks
are available:
- Separator Style: SEPA_1() / SEPA_1_COLOR
- Vector Style: VECTOR_1() / VECTOR_1_COLOR
- Floating Clock: CLOCK_1() / CLOCK_1_COLOR
- Equinox Style: EQUINOX_1() / EQUINOX_1_COLOR
- Elite Style: ELITE_1() / ELITE_1_COLOR
- Power Style: POW_1() / POW_1_COLOR
- Dirks Style: DIRKS_1() / DIRKS_1_COLOR
- Sepa-NG Style: SEPA_NG_1() / SEPA_NG_1_COLOR
- Quirk Style: QUIRK_1() / QUIRK_1_COLOR
Those are not set when the prompts are loaded in the Custom Promp Builder.
=== Installation ===
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