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@chapter News
......@@ -9,6 +9,161 @@ between. For more detailed information see the or git log.
Each release lists incompatible changes at its top.
@heading 9.2.0 ``Galvanize''
@itemize @bullet
@item Bug Fixes
@itemize @minus
@item #191 (make): gtk-update-icon-cache was not properly invoked after make
@item #192 (custom prompt builder): inserting prompt parts from GtkComboBoxes
did not work
@item #193 (nano): setting Nano UI Colors an Tabs to Spaces did not work
@item #194 (colors): color definitions have not been properly exported to
external scripts, which thus always displayed monochrome output
@end itemize
@item Configuration File Changes
@itemize @minus
@item Additionally to factory and vendor (/etc/bs-ng_vendor.ini) configuration
BashStyle-NG now also checks for user backup ($HOME/
configuration when resetting configuration
@item Before using user backup or vendor configuration in any way do a dry-load
to ensure the files are in proper shape, if they contain errors skip them
@item When the configuration file can't be loaded due errors, let BashStyle-NG
auto-reset the configuration using user backup (if it exists) > vendor
configuration (if it exists) > factory configuration (in that order). This
prevents BashStyle-NG from crashing if there's something wrong with the
user configuration file
@item Added new Category "Configuration" which allows to:
@itemize +
@item Backup
@item Restore (from user backup configuration)
@item delete Backup configuration
@item Reset (reset from vendor or factory configuration) the configuration
@item Edit various configuration files (uses xdg-open to open files), namely:
@itemize x
@item .bashrc
@item .bashstyle.custom (bashrc-extension always loaded after BashStyle-NG,
thus can use BashStyle-NG variables and functions reliably)
@item .vimrc.custom (vimrc extension that is not managed by BashStyle-NG)
@item .inputrc.custom (inputrc extension that is not managed by BashStyle-NG)
@end itemize
@end itemize
also shows version of user, user backup, vendor and factory configuration files
(None for vendor and user backup if they don't exist)
@item icon name for this category in UI: bs-ng-config
@item after configuration is restored or reset the application is restarted
@end itemize
@item StartUp Mechanism Changes
@itemize @minus
@item Before BashStyle-NG embedded into /etc/bash.bashrc or /etc/bashrc to add
a startup entry to $HOME/.bashrc. Now if $HOME/.bashrc does not contain a
startup entry for BashStyle-NG the user is presented a tab page upon UI start
asking whether to add the entry. Also works when the startup entry for
BashStyle-NG is commented out, or if the entry is from a previous installation
of BashStyle-NG that had a different installation prefix.
@end itemize
@item Prompt Part Changes
@itemize @minus
@item PS2 / PS3 / PS4 changes: Before there's been an option for PS234. Setting
this to ">" resulted in
@itemize +
@item PS2=">"
@item PS3=">>"
@item PS4=">>>"
@end itemize
Now there's an separate option for each (including a color option each)
@item additionally PS2 / PS3 / PS4 export does now honor enable_colors setting
@end itemize
@item History Syncro Changes
@itemize @minus
@item BashStyle-NG 9.1 introduced a custom history sync functionality (for
syncing history over simultaneously running sessions), which turned out to break
Bash $HISTCONTROL, as it modified the history from outside. This is now worked
around by custom functions replacing the $HISTCONROL of Bash since it fails
due to the custom history handling functions. Please note that this might slow
down Bash a bit if you have a huge history.
@end itemize
@item New Functions
@itemize @minus
@item xmltagdelete: delete tags from xml files, see @code{xmltagdelete --help}
@end itemize
@item Configure
@itemize @minus
@item 4.3.5
@itemize +
@item remove system bashrc detection
@item remove --profiledir switch
@item remove --bashrc switch
@item minor string changes
@end itemize
@item 4.3.4
@itemize +
@item remove --quiet switch
@item globally define PYMAXVER and PYMINVER (python minimum and maximum versions)
@item globally define PYAMXVER_P and PYMINVER_P (printable python minimum and
maximum python versions for configure messages)
@item remove unused variable
@end itemize
@end itemize
@item Make
@itemize @minus
@item 1.0.7
@itemize +
@item build NEWS from doc/
@end itemize
@item 1.0.6
@itemize +
@item fixed bug #191
@end itemize
@item 1.0.5
@itemize +
@item update for no longer installed profiledir and profile script
@item minor string changes
@end itemize
@end itemize
@item Translations
@itemize @minus
@item Updated german translation
@end itemize
@item <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
@end itemize
@c <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
@c @heading x.y.z ``Code name''
@c @itemize @bullet
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