- small string changes
 - add FixUpConfig (handles variable value name changes, see previous commit)
parent 65913d2b
......@@ -67,9 +67,10 @@ class Config(object):
print(_("CheckConfig: your ini version is at {}, but {} is the highest known. Resetting due to error.").format(self.cfo.as_int("ini_version"), app_ini_version))
print(_("CheckConfig: configuration up-to-date."))
print(_("CheckConfig: User configuration up-to-date."))
except KeyError:
print(_("CheckConfig: something is wrong with your configuration, restoring defaults."))
print(_("CheckConfig: something is wrong with User configuration, restoring defaults."))
def ResetConfig(self):
......@@ -115,9 +116,15 @@ class Config(object):
def WriteConfig(self):
print(_("writing configuration."))
print(_("WriteConfig: saving configuration."))
def FixUpConfig(self):
print(_("FixUpConfig: checking for outdated values."))
if self.cfo["Style"]["prompt_style"] == "clock-ad":
print(_("FixUpConfig: updating prompt_style for name change clock-ad >> equinox."))
self.SetUserConfig("Style", "prompt_style", "equinox")
def GetUserConfig(self, group, setting):
print(self.cfo["%s" % group]["%s" % setting])
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