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@c -*- texinfo -*-
@c To compile: makeinfo --no-validate --no-headers doc/news.texi > NEWS
@chapter News
This lists user-visible changes, and which releases they occurred
between. For more detailed information see the or git log.
Each release lists incompatible changes at its top.
@c @heading x.y.z ``Code name''
@c @itemize @bullet
@c @item Updated or New dependencies
@c @itemize @minus
@c @end itemize
@c @item Notes
@c @itemize @minus
@c @end itemize
@c @item Build and Installation
@c @itemize @minus
@c @end itemize
@c @item Bug Fixes
@c @itemize @minus
@c @end itemize
@c @item New Features
@c @itemize @minus
@c @end itemize
@c @item Miscellaneous Changes
@c @itemize @minus
@c @end itemize
@c @end itemize
@c -*- texinfo -*-
@c To compile: makeinfo --no-validate --no-headers doc/userdoc.texi > doc/USERDOC
@chapter Introduction
@chapter Installation
@chapter First Start
@chapter Style Options
@chapter Aliases
@chapter Advanced Options
@chapter Shell Options
@chapter GIT Optios
@chapter Readline Options
@chapter Vim Options
@chapter Nano Options
@chapter LS Colors
@chapter Key Bindings
@chapter Custom Prompt Builder
@chapter Configuration Files
@chapter Shell Functions
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