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    Keybindings changes: · 9e2ffc7d
    Christopher Roy Bratusek authored
    - added CellRendererClickablePixubf (thanks to Tryton team)
    - removed 'Reset Keybindings' Button
    - added 'Revert' column: revert setting to last saved user value
    - added 'Default' column: revert setting to vendor or factory default
    - added add 'None' column: allow keybindings without modificator (only useful for keys like TAB for example to bind menu-complete to it)
    - removed Advanced > Tab Rotation, added menu-complete to Keybindings instead.
    ++ if you want to re-enable this feature set menu-complete in Keybindings to TAB with no modificator checked
    - made TreeViewColumn headers translatable
    - update german translation