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    New Nano options: · 37ee62df
    Christopher Roy Bratusek authored
    - enable_mouse: enable full mouse support (copy, select ...)
    - no_wrap: disable wrapping of long lines
    - log_position: remember position in file when exiting and restore when opening the file again
    - tab_size: column-width of [TAB]s
    - tab_to_spaces: convert a [TAB]  into [SPACE]s
    - set_uicolors: master option to enable the following options
    ++ function_color_fg: text color for function descriptions
    ++ function_color_bg: background color for function descriptions
    ++ key_color_fg: text color for key bindings in help
    ++ key_color_bg: background color for key bindings in help
    ++ status_color_fg: text color for status messages
    ++ status_color_bg: background color for status messages
    ++ title_color_fg: text color for titlebar
    ++ title_color_bg: background color for titlebar
    - major restructuring of widgets in Nano and Style categories
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