Fix url-name encoding in edit_post

parent 388343f0
......@@ -266,7 +266,11 @@
(meta-data-status-set! article-meta article-status)
(when update-timestamp?
(meta-data-timestamp-set! article-meta (current-time)))
(git-post-article article-name article-content (record-type->list article-meta))))
(let* ((timestamp (string->number
(meta-data-timestamp article-meta)))
(url-name (uri-encode (gen-proper-url-name
timestamp article-title))))
(git-post-article url-name article-content (record-type->list article-meta)))))
(define (git-remove-article article-name article-content article-oid)
(let* ((article-meta (git/get-meta-data article-oid)))
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