Commit a471b368 authored by Nala Ginrut's avatar Nala Ginrut

Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Fixed a typo in utils.scm

See merge request !84
parents d2fe7162 b9b98f58
......@@ -1279,7 +1279,7 @@
(qstr (uri-query uri))
(method (request-method request)))
(format port "[Remote] ~a @ ~a~%" (remote-info request) (local-time-stamp))
(format port "[Request] method: ~a, path: ~a, qeury: ~a~%" method path qstr)
(format port "[Request] method: ~a, path: ~a, query: ~a~%" method path qstr)
(format port "[Response] status: ~a, MIME: ~a~%~%" status mime)))
(format port "[Server] ~a @ ~a~%" (get-conf '(host addr)) (local-time-stamp))
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