:cache support optional directory redirecting

parent bf1498a6
......@@ -152,9 +152,13 @@
(match pattern
;; disable cache explicitly, sometimes users want to make sure there's no any cache.
((#f) non-cache)
(('static maxage ...)
(lambda (rc)
(try-to-cache-static-file rc (static-filename (rc-path rc)) (try-public rc) (->maxage maxage))))
(('static maxage0 ...)
(lambda* (rc #:key (dir #f) (maxage (->maxage maxage0)))
(let ((filename (if dir
(format #f "~a/~a" dir (rc-path rc))
(static-filename (rc-path rc)))))
(try-to-cache-static-file rc (static-filename (rc-path rc))
(try-public rc) maxage))))
(((? string? file) maxage0 ...)
(lambda* (rc #:key (maxage (->maxage maxage0)))
(try-to-cache-static-file rc file (try-public rc) maxage)))
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