* theme (based on template)
* make own favicon.ico (now use opensuse ico instead)
* implement expand-conds for ssql
* sql-mapping syntax should support multi-sql code, but should deal with SQL-injection
* upload progress json feedback (need new server-core)
* SSE support, add some helper functions

* Support kqueue

* Use sendfile on static files, this may need new server-core.

* In MySQL, delete huge data in product environment will cause halt. There're two ways:
  1. limit 1000 and loop
  2. use store procedure

* Security stratage:
  1. uri-decode should only be used in response-processing, never request-processing!
  2. Any string which will be sent into DBI shouldn't be uri-decode in advanced!

* Reconsider security tokens fetching
  Here's the discussion: http://wingolog.org/archives/2014/12/02/there-are-no-good-constant-time-data-structures

* Rewrite local-redirect-to for supporing controllers, and don't take use of "Location" header for it.
  Just find out and call the rule handler directly.

* Ulimited categorizing. Use :categorize as shortcut. Two possible methods:
  1. migrate a category table, and generate a lookup table each time before Artanis start.
     It is hard to update category in runtime.
  2. get category chain recursively, it should be fast in Scheme

* Add error waiter for current-task/client/server/proto, and bind them to somewhere they should not appear.
  This may help developers to find out the possible bug.

* Optimize URL-remapping for better performance.