This file is about the security issues of Artanis, include some advices or conventions.

* To avoid SQL-injection, please consider the following advices:

1. DO NOT use any escapable chars in the binding field, say, whitespaces:
   e.g: /conn/lei mu/
   Please use underscore: /conn/lei_mu
   In cause you forget to avoid to use uri-decode, see Rule 2 below.

2. DO NOT use uri-decode on binding field:
   e.g: /fucked/lei%22;select%20*%20from%20Persons%20where%20Lastname=%22ada
   If you use (:conn rc (uri-decode (params rc "name"))),
   then you're fucked...
   Fortunatly, guile-dbd-mysql-2.0.4 doesn't enable CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS
   in default, which could avoid the injection mentioned above.
   BUT I suggest you do not rely on this lucky point, please follow the
   conventions I written here.
   It's still possibly to be SQL-injected, say, passwd checking:
   And if someone is stupid enough to use uri-decode on
   `username' because of using whitespaces in `username',
   it's fucked! list_my_info is expected to list the info what user has specified
   in `username', but now, it'll show all the users' info include passwd.

* DO NOT use uri-decode when the result will be fed to DB.
  You are allowed to use uri-decode when the result is ready to be sent to client.

* The response may return redundant http headers if users didn't make it
  properly. Artanis is not going to check the redundant headers, it's the users'
  duty to do it.

* If you want to use `prompts' with your own named `propmt-tag', please make sure that
  you use `abort-to-prompt' to abort to the tag you specified when delimiting. DO NOT use
  `abort' since it's using the result of (default-prompt-tag).