Verified Commit 15f5cc1f authored by Nala Ginrut's avatar Nala Ginrut
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fixed wrong arguments passing in migration

parent 4e9c235f
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......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
(let ((raw ((@@ (artanis mvc model) parse-raw-fields) fl))
(mt (map-table-from-DB (current-connection))))
(format (artanis-current-output) "Creating table `~a'......" name)
(apply mt 'try-create name raw)
(mt 'try-create name raw)
(format (artanis-current-output) "Regenerating migration cache......")
(flush-to-migration-cache name fl)
(display "DONE.\n" (artanis-current-output))))
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