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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      Attempt typical subpackage approach for libeventsntp test cleanup · 1b088e6f
      Dave Hart authored
      IPv6 hackery
      Split up ntp_lib.m4 into smaller, more specific subsets
      Use {step,adj}_systime from libntp.
      Use EX_* codes for exit status.libevent cleanuplibevent upgrade
      Move blocking worker and intres from ntpd to libntp.Move AC_FUNC_FORK
      and AC_FUNC_ALLOCA to ntp_libntp.m4 along with move of intres/blocking
      worker to libntp.
      Use %m instead of strerror().
      make -lz depend on zlib.hhp-ux portability fixportability
      Allow libevent's regress to be skipped in make check.
      Switch sntp from evdns to blocking worker intres.
      Quiet "signal_no_reset: signal 18 had flags 20000" on OpenSolaris,
      Be consistent about how blocking children go away:
      1.  Parent requests them to go by closing pipe or CHILD_EXIT_REQ.
      2.  Child goes away quietly.
      3.  Parent sees them gone via broken resp pipe or CHILD_GONE_RESP.
      4.  Parent clears blocking_children entry for reuse.
      Make delay between queries to addresses resolved from same hostname
      per-family in sntp, as ntpd won't consider our v4 and v6 source
      addresses to be one remote rate-limit target.
      use freeaddrinfo() in ntpq's getnetnum().valgrind warned of branch
      dependent on uninitialized value, irig_decode()'s local syncdig.
      Free OpenSSL dynamic allocations atexit.
      Enable pthreads buildlibntp autoconf macro cleanupMove "can't write
      KoD file" warning from sntp shutdown to startup.
      Use libevent log callback to redirect messages from stderr to
      msyslog()enable libevent debug mode if sntp debug > 0Issue a single
      read event for each socket, rather than one per query.
      Do not attempt to read in socket callback for EV_TIMEOUT.ipv6 fixes
      for sntpCrib some pthread m4 from BIND for libisc.
      Fix step/slew logic in sntp.sntp --headspace option (default 10ms)
      spaces queries.
      Provide less-broken gettimeofday_cached().
      Add support for --(no-)wait and -uctimeoutRemove duplicate
      clock_gettime/clock_settime logic from sntp/configure.ac, it's now in
      Bump config.cache version stamps to account for cache-incompatible
      change to librt detection.
      Omit unused code with recent gcc and gnu ld.
      AC_LANG update for openldap autoconf macrosClean up AC_DEFINE and
      AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED arg quoting in openldap*.m4add a timeout for
      test-eof.c as it may hang under HP-UX 10.20Use pthreads for blocking
      worker rather than fork, if possible.
      Quiet alignment warning due to casting sockaddr * to sockaddr_u *Quiet
      ntp_control.c and ntp_request.c warnings about casting char * to
      u_int32 * using unions.
      Use void * rather than char * for variant pointers to help with
      pointer cast increases required alignment warnings.
      Fix many warnings enabled with -Wcast-align, when casting a pointer to
      a more-strictly-aligned underlying type.preset
      ol_with_yielding_select=${ol_with_yielding_select-auto}Also change
      tests to use x prefix as insurance against other issues.
      We always need the PTHREADS AM_CONDITIONAL.  Use the OL check.
      Use NTP_LIBEVENT m4sh macro to decide between installed and tearoff  libevent.
      Add readonly arg to kod_init_kod_db() for tests -- prevents editing
      test baseline input KoD files during make check, regression limited to
      sntp/libevent branch.
      Switch libevent-2.0.10-stable from ACX_PTHREADS to OL_THREAD_CHECKUse
      socketpair() instead of pipe() when available, as avoiding
      EV_FEATURE_FDS allows libevent to use a faster backend on systems like
      Linux without an O(1) backend that handles pipes.
      Remove contentious libevent-cfg sentinel files, modify libevent's
      confgure args via $ac_configure_args.
      Strip unneeded checks from ntp_ipv6.m4: for struct sockaddr_storage
      member ss_family for struct sockaddr_storage member ss_len for struct
      sockaddr_storage member __ss_lenMove things used by libntp from
      top-level configure.ac to NTP_LIBNTP and NTP_IPV6Change "forked worker
      child (pid 0)" from msyslog() to DPRINTF().
      Change initial socket boundary message from DEBUG-only msyslog() to DPRINTF().
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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      ntpq-subs.c: Add ntpq "mrulist limited" and "mrulist kod" support, · 74cdc658
      Dave Hart authored
      ...equivalent to ntpq -c "mrulist resany=0x20" and ntpq -c "mrulist
      resany=0x400" respectively.
      Add "r" rate limiting column to mrulist output containing a period, or
      K for KoD sent in response to last packet, or L for no response to
      last packet due to rate limiting.  These are redundant with bits 0x400
      and 0x20 in the rstr column and treated differently than other
      restrict bits, reflecting not if the restriction bit is enabled for
      the remote address, but if RES_KOD or RES_LIMITED handling was
      triggered by the last packet from them.
      ntp.h, ntpdc_ops.c, ntp_proto.c, ntp_config.c: rename RES_TIMEOUT
      to RES_FLAKE to reflect v4 use (as a flakeway which drops 10% of
      incoming packets from matching addresses).
      ntp_intres.c: rename RES_TIMEOUT to RES_FLAKE to reflect v4 use (as a
      flakeway which drops 10% of incoming packets from matching addresses),
      eliminating conflict with RES_TIMEOUT provided by some systems DNS
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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      ntp_proto.c: cull from preemptibles randomly... · 2f49d0f7
      Dave Hart authored
      ...as well as when unreachable long enough.
      work_thread.c:  increase blocking_workitems max queue depth to 128 on Windows
      ntp_control.h:  whitespace only
      nt_clockstuff.c:  expose performance counter drift as ctr_frequency sysvar.
      ntp_intres.c, ntpd.h, ntp_config.c: add retry argument to
      getaddrinfo_sometime() so that pool lookups can be one-shot.
      ntp_peer.c:  test speer->flags not peer->flags for FLAG_PREEMPT
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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      [Bug 1483] AI_NUMERICSERV undefined in 4.2.7p20. · c4cc39f6
      Dave Hart authored
      Maintain and use linked list of associations (struct peer) in ntpd,
      avoiding walking 128 hash table entries to iterate over peers.
      Remove more workarounds unneeded since we require ISO C90 AKA ANSI C:
      - remove fallback implementations for memmove(), memset, strstr().
      - do not test for atexit() or memcpy().
      Collapse a bunch of code duplication in ntpd/ntp_restrict.c added with
      support for IPv6.
      Correct some corner case failures in automatically enabling the MRU
      list if any "restrict ... limited" is in effect, and in disabling MRU
      maintenance. (ntp_monitor.c, ntp_restrict.c)
      Reverse the internal sort order of the address restriction lists, but
      preserve the same behavior.  This allows removal of special-case code
      related to the default restrictions and more straightforward lookups
      of restrictions for a given address (now, stop on first match).
      Move ntp_restrict.c MRU doubly-linked list maintenance code into
      ntp_lists.h macros, allowing more duplicated source excision.
      Correct Windows port's refclock_open() to return 0 on failure not -1.
      Correct CHU, dumbclock, and WWVB drivers to check for 0 returned from
      refclock_open() on failure.
      Repair ntpdate.c to handle no longer testing HAVE_TIMER_SETTIME.
      Do not reference peer_node/unpeer_node after freeing when built with
      --disable-saveconfig and using DNS.
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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      [Bug 47] Debugging and logging do not work after a fork. · ea3fb054
      Dave Hart authored
      [Bug 1010] getaddrinfo() could block and thus should not be called by
      the main thread/process.
      #include <config.h> from all .c files and do not include it  from any .h files.
      Previously config.h appeared a dozen times in preprocessed output of
      some .c files.
      handle relative path to logfile correctly despite
      re-opening after fork() with a different curdir.
      eliminate hand-crafted byte-swapping code from refclock_palisade.c in
      preference to using htonl(), htons().  Tested by Fernando
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    • Hal Murray's avatar
      configure.ac: Add --enable-force-defer-DNS... · 3ec48e53
      Hal Murray authored
      ...Helps debugging deferred DNS lookups.
      ChangeLog: Bug 761: internal resolver does not seem to honor -4/-6
      ntp_config.c: Bug 761: internal resolver does not seem to honor -4/-6
      FORCE_DEFER_DNS helps debugging.  Pass no_needed to ntp_intres, first
      step on Bug 975.
      ntp_intres.c: Bug 761: internal resolver does not seem to honor -4/-6
      Take no_needed from ntp_config, first step on Bug 975.
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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      [Bug 1387] Storage leak in ntp_intres (minor). · 7a5333f1
      Dave Hart authored
      [Bug 1389] buffer overflow in refclock_oncore.c[Bug 1391] .texi usage
      text from installed, not built binaries.
      Correct *-opts.h dependency so default 'get' action isn't used.
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    • Dave Hart's avatar
      Cleanup, fix ntp_intres... · 22385646
      Dave Hart authored
      ...when requestkey type means digests larger than 16 octets.Add /lib to
      OpenSSL library search path, OpenSolaris has it there.
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