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// All names and websites particular to the project's name, hosting location,
// and public communications channels indirect through here.
:ntpconf: ntp.conf
// Annoyingly, these have to be *manually* synchronized with the headers
// on their manual pages - asciidoc doesn't expand attributes in header lines.
:ntpdconfman: ntp.conf(5)
:ntpfrobman: ntpfrob(8)
:ntpkeygenman: ntpkeygen(8)
:ntpkeysman: ntp.keys(5)
:ntpdman: ntpd(8)
:ntpmonman: ntpmon(1)
:ntpleapfetch: ntpleapfetch(8)
:ntpqman: ntpq(1)
:ntptimeman: ntptime(8)
:ntpwaitman: ntpwait(8)
:ntpdigman: ntpdig(1)
:ntpvizman: ntpviz(1)
:doctype: manpage
:man source: NTPsec
:man manual: NTPsec
== NAME ==
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