Commit a4453ee5 authored by James Browning's avatar James Browning Committed by Matt Selsky

Fix polyglot library for Python3 on NetBSD

parent 6b9894a9
Pipeline #51061840 passed with stages
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......@@ -103,9 +103,9 @@ else: # Python 3
newline="\n", line_buffering=True)
# This is the one situation where we *can* force unicode.
if "UTF-8" != sys.stdout.encoding:
if "utf-8" != sys.stdout.encoding.lower():
forced_utf8 = True
sys.stdout = make_std_wrapper(sys.stdout)
if "UTF-8" != sys.stderr.encoding:
if "utf-8" != sys.stderr.encoding.lower():
forced_utf8 = True
sys.stderr = make_std_wrapper(sys.stderr)
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