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Replace the rather outdated quickstart page with...

...what we formerly wrote up as the clientstart.  But save the
text about the panda along with its image; we might want that
historical flavor back sometime.
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......@@ -244,7 +244,7 @@ A good deal of tutorial and directive information is available on the
handbook pages. These should be read in conjunction with the command and
option information available on the pages listed on the sitemap page.
link:clientstart.html[Quick start for client configurations]::
link:quick.html[Quick start for client configurations]::
Basic configuration for 99% of client installations. Introduces
concepts used later in the Handbook.
link:assoc.html[Association Management]::
// This is preserved from the old quickstart page in case we ever want
// the historical flavor again.
.FAX test image for SATNET (1979).
The baby panda was scanned at University College London and used as a
FAX test image for a demonstration of the DARPA Atlantic SATNET Program
and the first transatlantic Internet connection in 1978. The computing
system used for that demonstration was called the[Fuzzball]. As
it happened, this was also the first Internet multimedia presentation
and the first to use a predecessor of NTP in regular operation. The
image was widely copied and used for testing purpose throughout much of
the 1980s.
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