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    Conversion of the Mills HTML docs to asciidoc lands with this commit. · db95da79
    Eric S. Raymond authored
    The intent is (a) to make these easier to maintain, and (b) to have just one
    master format for all in-tree documentation.  The latter is not yet completely
    accomplished, as various manual pages in the source directories are not
    yet converted.
    The conversion resembles the ancestral HTML pretty closely, using an
    adaptation of Dave Mills's stylesheets to retain his look.  The
    content has been verified to match by two reviewers.  The sppearance
    is very similar, though not identical; asciidoc doesn't allow quite as
    much freedom in image placement as raw HTML, and table boxes don't
    look quite the same. The look of the command.txt and footer.txt
    includes isn't completely right either.
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