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Build script switches to site-packages on user install if necessary

This fixes the FHS violation in bug #414
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......@@ -11,6 +11,14 @@ def configure(conf):
fixed.check_python_version((2, 6, 0))
conf.check_python_headers(features='pyext') # Extension-only, no embedded
# Library directory hack, dist-packages is what python reports.
# That is reserved by the FHS, we have to use site-packages for user
# installs. Distribution installs can use dist-packages.
if "/usr/local/" in conf.env.PYTHONDIR:
if "dist-packages" in conf.env.PYTHONDIR:
conf.env.PYTHONDIR = conf.env.PYTHONDIR.replace("dist", "site")
if "dist-packages" in conf.env.PYTHONARCHDIR:
conf.env.PYTHONARCHDIR = conf.env.PYTHONARCHDIR.replace("dist", "site")
def build(ctx):
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