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Eliminate TODO item about getting rid of the receive buffer ring.

We can't do it, alas, because of the way I/O polling is handled.  Yes,
packet I/O is now all synchronous, but there's no guarantee that select() will
never report data ready on more than one UDP interface.  This means
the polling stuff inside io_handler() has to be able to stash packets
from multiple interfaces for later interpretation.
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......@@ -18,9 +18,6 @@
adjtimex(2). We need to collect statistics on builds with and
without the PLL to see if it's actually a win.
* Hal points out that with signaled I/O gone, we can probably cut out
the buffer-pool code in the daemon.
=== Testing ===
* Unit testing. "waf check" needs to run all the unit tests, not
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