Commit 74d433d1 authored by Gary E. Miller's avatar Gary E. Miller 💬
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ntpviz: 30% speedup. Better to write plot to tmp file than pipe it.

My guess is that the buffering on pipes and stdin is the problem that
got avoided.

Bonus, we have a copy of the plot file for debug puproses.
parent 66e4346f
......@@ -26,7 +26,9 @@ from __future__ import print_function, division
import argparse
import csv
import re
import atexit, binascii, collections, os, socket, sys, time
import atexit, binascii, collections, os, socket, sys
import time
import tempfile
from ntp.statfiles import *
# overload ArgumentParser
......@@ -265,22 +267,28 @@ def gnuplot(template, outfile=None):
out = None
out = open(outfile, "w")
# shell=True is a security hazard
# would be great to capture stderr, but the Python doc says
# that can lead to deadlock on large stderr output. gnuplot
# can output a lot to stderr...
# bigger buffers make it slower, use the default
proc = subprocess.Popen("gnuplot", shell=False,
stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=out)
v = sys.version_info
if 3 <= v[0]:
# next line works in Python 3, not Python 2
proc.stdin.write(template.encode('ascii', 'ignore'))
# can be 30% faster to write to a tmp file than to pipe to gnuplot
# bonus, we can keep the plot file for debug.
tmp_file, tmp_filename = tempfile.mkstemp( suffix='.plt')
# note that tmp_file is a file handle, it is not a file object
os.write( tmp_file, template)
# shell=True is a security hazard, do not use
rcode = ['gnuplot', tmp_filename], stdout=out)
if 0 != rcode:
sys.stderr.write("ntpviz: WARNING: plot returned %s\n" % rcode)
sys.stderr.write("ntpviz: WARNING: plot file %s\n" % tmp_filename)
elif 2 <= args.debug_level:
sys.stderr.write("ntpviz: INFO: plot file %s\n" % tmp_filename)
# next line works in Python 2, not Python 3
return proc.wait()
# remove tmp file
return rcode
class NTPViz(NTPStats):
"Class for visualizing statistics from a single server."
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