Commit 6b3175bb authored by Fred Wright's avatar Fred Wright

ntpviz: Also look in PREFIX for liberation font.

This looks in PREFIX before /usr, on the theory that any locally
installed version should be preferable.

With PREFIX set to /opt/local, now finds MacPorts-installed liberation
font.  The fallback also worked, so the only real effect in this case
is to get rid of the warning.
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......@@ -1612,7 +1612,10 @@ Python by ESR, concept and gnuplot code by Dan Drown.
if 2 < args.debug_level:
sys.stderr.write("ntpviz: INFO: now running at nice: %s\n" % nice)
for fontpath in ("/usr/share/fonts/liberation",
for fontpath in ("@PREFIX@/share/fonts/liberation",
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