Commit 38f66b6b authored by Sanjeev Gupta's avatar Sanjeev Gupta Committed by Matt Selsky

Add tracking files for included libraries

This is for libraries and dependancies where we ship a copy,
to enable tracking and re-syncs.
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Upstream Source:
Description: An RFC5297-compliant C implementation of AES-SIV
Synchronised on: 2020-05-24
Synchronised at: 509550e92a416172b9b8255e275f3a04d5fd4545
Upstream Source:
Description: Jsmn is a world fastest JSON parser/tokenizer.
Synchronised on: 2020-05-24
Synchronised at: 053d3cd29200edb1bfd181d917d140c16c1f8834
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