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Resynchronize ntpdig documentation and usage message with reality.

parent 2fc1c747
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ ntpdig
[--help | -?] [-4 | -6] [-a keynum] [-b bcaddress] [-B bctimeout]
[-c] [-d] [-D debug-level] [-g delay] [-j] [-K kodfile] [-k keyfile]
[-l logfile] [-M steplimit] [-o ntpver] [-r] [-S] [-s]
[-u uctimeout] [--wait] [--version] [address...]+
[-u uctimeout] [--wait] [--no-wait] [--version] [address...]+
......@@ -171,8 +171,10 @@ static void ntpdig_usage(void)
P(" - prohibits the option 'ipv6'\n");
P(" -6 no ipv6 Force IPv6 DNS name resolution\n");
P(" - prohibits the option 'ipv4'\n");
P(" -c yes concurrent Hosts to be queried concurrently\n");
P(" -d no debug Normal verbose\n");
P(" -D yes set-debug-level Normal verbose\n");
P(" -g yes gap Set gap between requests\n");
P(" -j no json Use JSON output format\n");
P(" -K Str kod KoD history filename\n");
P(" -l Str logfile Log to specified logfile\n");
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